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Taken from the on-going experimental series, CMYK: Arrangements, this thirty page artist book highlights works from the past three years. Focused on the classic artistic traditions of still life and botanical studies, the series explores the beauty and simplicity of natural forms through 21st Century means and 15th century technique: digital drawing on an iPad and painting on transparent PVC reprising the reversal techniques of the Middle Ages.

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BOTANICALS (2012) is an artist's book of botanical drawings. Drawn from memory, these closely cropped digital images explore the beauty and simplicity of natural forms and silhouettes.

électronique bonbons bijoux
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électronique bonbons bijoux (2010) is the resulting culmination of impromptu collaborations with an ipod. The twenty-five page artist's book highlights digital paintings, drawings, cartoons and playful brainstorms made over the course of a year.

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SYSTEMIC CORRELATIONS (2008) is a twenty-five page artist's book that equates the creation and collection of art as conceptually parallel activities. Created as a supplement for the artist's statement, the book offers insight into the activities and inspirations that inform the artist's studio work.

Printmaking Biennial
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exhibition catalogue

Korean/American International Exhibition
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exhibition catalogue

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exhibition catalogue