Current/Upcoming Exhibitions and News:

Roses Are Red
@ Quirk Gallery, Richmond
*No opening reception due to the pandemic. Contact gallery for visitation requirements.

Rose Are Red is a collective celebration of spring, of new beginnings and brighter days. This group exhibition features work from many of our favorite artists, including some who will be sharing their work at Quirk for the first time. With floral pieces, both traditional and abstract, playful and provocative, presented in multiple mediums, Roses Are Red show us all the ways nature inspires, influences and excites artists.

Participating artists include Sami Cronk, Micael Doyle, Pam Fox, Elizabeth Greaber, Susan Greaber, Cecile Myers, Grace Popp, Kevin Sabo, Anne Blackwell Thompson, Randy Toy, Sarah Trundle, Carrier Walters, Deborah Warners and Cate West Zahl.