The Mixology Series of print-based constructions push the boundaries of traditional printmaking processes, forms and function. Part print, part object, these works bring printmaking into the round and broaden the discourse to new possibilities.

Experiments are unique informal works created in an array of mediums and techniques. Often executed in the moment, these exercises are visual and technical brainstorms that spur ideas, develop new processes and inspire future work.

The Element Series is a symbolic mapping that takes inspiration from cosmology, genealogy and abstract Buddhist/Tantric forms.

OBSERVATIONS began as a series of life drawing exercises focused on fundamental artistic acts but evolved into a vehicle for an extended meditation on artistic practice.

Presented as a formal boxed edition, the series pays homage to the historic traditions of printmaking.

The Cycles Series parallels a botanical life cycle with the steps of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. The imagery traces the cycles from potential to emergence, growth, bloom, demise and release back to potential.

Serving as an introduction to the artist and his work, these publications offer insight into the unseen mechanics, governing philosophies and scope of studio practice.

The Monoscape Series was born from unconscious acts. The images asserted themselves from squished puddles of ink residue and solvent made by cleaning printing rollers. The resemblance to traditional Chinese landscape painting is immediately striking, however the ink bleeds also hold an uncanny conceptual tie to a brushmaster's strive for unburdened, empty mark-making.